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Educator Open House: A mixer for teachers and administrators


April 11


05:00 pm

Event Website

200 Hurd Rd, Bethel, NY, United States, New York 12720

As you mingle with colleagues and enjoy refreshments and appetizers, discover the many ways in which Bethel Woods can partner with school groups and educators to bring the vibrant and inspiring decade of the 1960s to life.

While you’re here, explore the 2024 Special Exhibit: The Place Where Peace Happened: The Hog Farm and Other Communities.

At Woodstock, peace was not an accident; peace was the plan. The Hog Farm and other communes established the tone and atmosphere of the festival and modeled how to camp in the woods. Using genuine artifacts and replica structures, the exhibit explores how these groups promoted volunteerism and the idea that it takes personal action to make a community work.

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