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TERROR – Our Inaugural Show!


July 18


07:30 pm - 09:30 pm

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Roscoe Fireman's Field, Gulf Road Roscoe NY 12776

“Terror” by Ferdinand Van Schirak
With an original adaptation for The Catskill Public Theater
Directed by J. Van Dyle

The play presents a Military tribunal judging the action of a USAF Fighter pilot, that shoots down a commercial flight with 170 souls on board, in order to avoid a 9/11 style terrorist event at a Sport stadium.

Is the pilot guilty of murder?

OR…is the pilot a disciplined, professional warrior, following his oath of service to protect and defend the US?

In a highly theatrical twist, the Audience acts as the Jury, and during intermission, votes on the innocence or guilt of the Pilot.

The second act has two versions, depending on the vote of the audience jurors.

Local leaders and personalities will play one of the three Tribunal Judges, and appear as a special guest in one performance!

During our opening season, CPT will produce and present nine of our own performances. Stay informed on the future details about these exciting upcoming events by visiting

Looking forward to seeing you at the show!

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