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The Story of the Dove Legacy Trail


Imagine a vibrant tapestry where art, history, and community weave together, celebrating a legacy of peace, love, and music. Welcome to the Sullivan Catskills Dove Legacy Trail, a captivating journey born in 2019 commemorating the 50th anniversary of the iconic Woodstock festival, which took place right here in Bethel, NY and marks a legendary portion of our region’s history.  What started off with 50 exquisitely crafted doves, has since grown to nearly 80 doves five years later. The Dove Trail serves as a living tribute, where every dove tells a story of a time that has shaped generations.

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With instillations in various locations across towns, villages, hamlets, and local businesses and accessibility to the public 7 days a week, this trail is more than just a series of sculptures: it’s a testament to the creative spirit of our local artists. Each dove owner is encouraged to commission a talented local individual for design, providing a meaningful work opportunity and an outlet for their own unique interpretation and artistic expression. Local artists are encouraged to paint their dove using a 1969 color pallet and draw inspiration from the legendary works of Peter Max, which feature bright and eye-popping colors, while also aiming to capture the essence of each community’s history and character, embodying a local sense of place. Each participating business fully sponsors the artist fees, installation, and maintenance of their dove, extending the trail’s economic benefits into our beloved arts community.

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We see the lasting effect of the profound cultural influence that the Woodstock festival has had on Sullivan County through local music, museums, art, festivals and even cuisine in the nearby area. This initiative not only celebrates the anniversary of the legendary music festival and the enduring spirit of the 1960’s, but also raises awareness of the rich history of the Sullivan Catskills as we invest in tourism to our beautiful corner of New York State.

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