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Motorcycle Adventures in the Sullivan Catskills


Calling all motorcycle adventurers! Get ready to embark on exhilarating journeys through the picturesque Sullivan Catskills. Ideal for spring, summer, and fall rides, these routes not only offers breathtaking scenery but also invite you to explore the rich local culture of our small towns and villages. 

82 Mile Ride: Starting Point: O’Toole’s 

Kick off your journey from O’Toole’s, just 2.2 miles right out of the parking lot. Remember to fuel up at the start as gas stations are scarce along this scenic route. 

Here is the Route! 

  • Masten Lake Crossover: Take a left onto Masten Lake Crossover after a quick 0.2 miles. 
  • Mount Prosper Road: Turn right onto Mount Prosper Road and enjoy the 1.0-mile stretch. 
  • Yankee Lake Road: Embrace the curves as you turn left onto Yankee Lake Road for 1.7 miles. 
  • Pine Kill Road: Experience 6.4 miles of winding roads on Pine Kill Road. 
  • Route 209: Navigate a brief 0.1-mile stretch before turning right onto Route 209. 
  • Otisville Road: Turn left onto Otisville Road and savor the 2.0-mile ride. 
  • Route 211: Embrace the open road with a right turn onto Route 211, covering 2.5 miles. 
  • Route 209 (again): After 250 feet, turn right again onto Route 209. 
  • Oakland Valley Road (CR 7): Cruise through 10.6 miles of scenic landscapes on Oakland Valley Road. 
  • Forestburgh Road (CR 43): Continue straight for 5.0 miles at the stop on Forestburgh Road. 
  • Forestburgh Road (CR 42): Bear left for 3.2 miles on Forestburgh Road. 
  • Forestburgh Road (CR 41): Keep going straight for 2.8 miles on Forestburgh Road. 
  • Route 97: Turn right onto Route 97 and enjoy the 7.3-mile stretch. 
  • Route 55: Take a right onto Route 55 and ride for 15 miles of scenic bliss. 
  • Route 17 B: After 0.6 miles, turn right onto Route 17 B. 
  • Route 55 (again): Turn left onto Route 55 and continue for 0.8 miles. 
  • Route 141: Stay straight onto Route 141 for 0.4 miles. 
  • West Shore Road: Bear left onto West Shore Road and enjoy 2.5 miles of serene waterside views. 
  • Woodstock Monument & Bethel: Stop to appreciate the cultural significance of the area. 
  • Hurd Road: Turn right onto Hurd Road and revel in 4.5 miles of scenic riding. 
  • Briscoe Road: After 2.2 miles, turn left onto Briscoe Road. 
  • Route 52: Take a right onto Route 52 and enjoy the 2.7-mile stretch. 
  • Shandelee: Turn left onto Shandelee and ride through 8.2 miles of tranquil surroundings. 
  • Livingston Manor: Arrive in Livingston Manor, where your journey concludes amidst its peaceful ambiance. 

Tips for Your Ride: 

  • Fuel Up: Ensure your bike is fueled up at the start, as gas stations are limited along the route. 

61 Mile Ride: Starting Point: O’Tooles 

  • Begin your journey at this iconic spot for motorcycle enthusiasts. 
  • Sullivan Street and Route 209 
  • Head towards the traffic light and then onto US-209 North. 
  • US-209 North to Route 55 
  • Enjoy a 13.3-mile stretch before turning left onto Route 55. 
  • Route 55 to Route 55A 
  • Cruise for 5.4 miles before turning right onto Route 55A. 
  • Route 55A to Yeagerville Road 
  • Navigate 3.2 miles, then turn right onto Yeagerville Road. 
  • Yeagerville Road to Sundown Road 
  • Travel through the picturesque landscape for 8.7 miles. 
  • Bald Eagle Observation Site 
  • Stop for breathtaking views after 4.0 miles on Sundown Road. 
  • Route 55 to Claryville Road 
  • Continue your journey for 1.2 miles before turning right onto Claryville Road. 
  • Claryville Road to West Branch Road 
  • After 2.9 miles, turn left onto West Branch Road towards Big Indian. 
  • West Branch Road to Round Pond Road 
  • Enjoy a 1.2-mile stretch before turning left onto Round Pond Road. 
  • Round Pond Road to Willowemoc Road 
  • Travel for 4.7 miles before bearing left onto Parksville Cooley Road. 
  • Parksville Cooley Road to Parksville 
  • Your final 7.2-mile stretch leads you straight to Parksville, a charming destination filled with local flavor. 

Pit Stops and Attractions: 

Scenic Stops: Don’t hesitate to pause at scenic viewpoints and landmarks for memorable photo opportunities, maybe check out some of our Doves too to guide your path! 

Prepare for an unforgettable motorcycle adventure through the Sullivan Catskills, where every twist and turn reveals new vistas and cultural treasures. Whether you’re chasing curves, enjoying scenic stops, or seeking a relaxing ride through nature, this route promises to satisfy every rider’s craving for adventure and exploration. 

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