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The Bradstan Boutique Hotel at The Eldred Preserve

For a stay in New York’s Catskills where rustic and upscale design meet to create a charming hub and dreamy forest getaway. There are plenty of great stays in this large region of the state, but as Goldilocks might say after a breath of relief, this one feels just right. From stand-alone cabins to the sweetest suites, the rooms are spacious and nature-forward, with delicate frames of oak and a light palette on the painted walls. As the resort is located on the gigantic, lush, and historic Eldred Preserve, there’s serenity to be found amidst the trails and three ponds of the grounds. Consider this a cozy base to rest your head in a special region of Upstate New York.

Set the scene

Just off a winding road, bordered by tall, full trees (and no Wi-Fi—hello, off the grid lifestyle), the building structures wrap around the parking lot where guests first enter. The lobby boasts a contemporary, simple yet classy design adorned with heaps of glass, wood, and stone. Floor-to-ceiling windows can be found throughout the majority of the resort’s 11 on-site structures, and the openness allows for the sweeping forest backdrop to take center stage. The vastness of the 600-acre preserve, though, remains unassuming until a meander through the property’s nature trail network, where guests will approach the serene 65-acre Sunset Lake, and perhaps soak in the outdoor ambiance of dinner at The Homestead. Dining under a tree canopy, a hue of deep red and orange complements the whimsical, dusk blue sky. Adjacent to a pond, diners enjoy a clear view of the stars with their farm-to-table meals. From day to night, the property feels like a welcoming, warm, decadent paradise in the middle of the woods.

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