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Daniel Pierce Library

About Us

The Daniel Pierce Library is nestled in the scenic Catskill Mountains just 100 miles from New York City. Daniel Pierce, a successful native son, donated the original building, which was completed in 1902. Library Street View Today, more than 100 years later, the original 1902 building is restored to its former beauty, and a new 23,500 square-foot addition houses a Children’s Literacy Center, Reading Room, Community Center, and Computer facilities with free, building-wide WiFi access. People of all ages regularly utilize the Daniel Pierce Library facilities. The Library sponsors enrichment programs and also serves as a community center and meeting facility. Because of an incredible Library Board, a dedicated staff, a heroic volunteer network, and wonderfully supportive patrons, the Daniel Pierce Library continues to fulfill its mission of providing excellent library services to the residents of the Tri-Valley community.
328 Main St. Grahamsville, NY 12740



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