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Dear Members:

The Sullivan Catskills has always been a haven for wellbeing. But, the world around us has changed so dramatically, that travel has taken a back seat. Now, every decision our visitors make is influenced by its potential effect on their health. Yet, through the economic downturns in the last two decades, one thing we know for sure: travel always comes back. In fact, recent studies tourism research reveals that while staying safe from infection is paramount for visitors right now— emotional wellbeing, finding joy, escaping stress, and relaxation remain high priorities. And that’s something our Sullivan Catskills delivers on extraordinarily well!


MINDVisitors are aching to travel just as much as you are to host them. But it’s incumbent on all of us to make them feel safe. As you invite visitors through your own marketing efforts, we’re rolling out Catskills Confidence. It’s is a communications program designed to educate visitors about how we’re all embracing and implementing the CDC and NYS protocols on reopening.

Throughout our owned, paid and earned marketing efforts, we are promoting enhanced – sanitation and safety protocols to instill confidence in travelers eager to visit and experience our Sullivan Catskills. Our goal is to communicate that the health of our visitors is of the utmost importance and that the Sullivan Catskills is the premier place to visit as travel bans are lifted.

We encourage you to instill confidence in your visitors in your own marketing communications with the logo which we’ll make available to you, and by using the hashtag #Catskills-Confidence on your social media pages. Please download and use the Catskills Confidence logo throughout your physical and digital spaces. We’ve also developed a series of Sullivan Catskills-branded safety-protocol signs for use throughout your properties.

We realize that as we continue to host visitors during the pandemic, it may be concerning to people who live and work here. But we are strategically cautious and mindful of that as we continue to remarket the Sullivan Catskills.

Showing our visitors and residents alike that we’re taking great precautions during this time is key to rebuilding confidence and re-emerging stronger than ever.

Roberta Byron-Lockwood
Sullivan Catskills Visitors Association

Make Your Guests FeelCatskills Confidencewith these Sullivan CatskillsBranded Materials




Safety Protocol Signage

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