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The “Spirits” of the Summer Are Alive

The “Spirits” of the Summer Are Alive

The spirit of summer is alive and well in the Sullivan Catskills, or maybe we should say the “spirits” of summer! For those yearning to indulge in a unique and particularly rewarding Sullivan Catskills sensory experience, allow us to quench your thirst with our Craft Beverage Trail, featuring local beer, cider, wine, spirits…and plenty of #CatskillsConfidence.

For craft beer aficionados, our trail doesn’t disappoint! The Sullivan Catskills region is a treasure-trove of tasty brews worth indulging in.  You can try one of dozens of local craft beers on tap at the Callicoon Brewing Company.   Or How about a freshly brewed Floodwatch IPA at the Catskill Brewery?  Refresh yourself with an ice-cold Highland Lager at the Shrewd Fox Brewery.  And come evening time, toast pints with friends around the campfire at the Upward Brewing Company.

And if you want some music to enjoy with your beer, you’re in luck.  Russian Mule Brewing and  Roscoe Beer Company celebrate summer with live music. Extend your Sullivan Catskills stay to include the weekend, that way you won’t miss out on superb, local musician Albi Beluli, who features at both breweries.  Russian Mule presents a full cultural experience, as it sits next to the beautiful Claryville Art Center gallery.  And Roscoe Beer presents a fun opportunity to extend your trail experience with take home 4-packs and growlers!

Nothing says summer like a crisp, cold glass of cider and we’ve got two Craft Beverage Trail stops that will hit the spot. Seminary Hill and Stickett Inn Cider are your must-visit cider stops. With roots in Callicoon that go back five generations, the Doetsch family runs Seminary Hill – an active, sixty-acre apple and pear orchard and burgeoning cider mill with a strong commitment to the sustainability of the land and the local community.  The Stickett Inn’s Bang Bang Bar is home to the signature Stickett Inn Cider, a local favorite.  And make sure you ask about the “Blackout In The Garden” cocktail for a real summer treat that will knock you off your feet!

Want to “wine” down after a long week?  Make sure to visit Bashakill Vineyards, a gorgeous vineyard that takes advantage of a microclimate produced by the Bashakill Wetlands to produce some of the richest reds and crispest whites you’ll find in the region.  Open every weekend, Bashakill offers wine, local beer, cocktails and an incredible variety of delicious foods. Plus, pick up something extremely uncommon to the Sullivan Catskills – unfiltered, cold pressed extra virgin olive oil!  This esteemed olive oil is produced by owner Paul Dennino’s extended family in Puglio, Italy and is only available in the US at Bashakill.

Finally, the “spirit” of the Sullivan Catskills… our distilleries! Catskill Provisions specializes in creating artisanal food and craft spirits made with 100% raw, wildflower honey and Non-GMO New York State grains. This is truly an experience that will leave you buzzing. But good news – the pure Catskill Provision spirits contain close to no congeners, which means lessened hangover symptoms!  You’ll be back on the trail in no time!

Catskill Distilling Company is located right across from the original 1969 Woodstock Music Festival and Bethel Woods Center for the Arts.  We recommend trying their Most Righteous Bourbon Whiskey, which is a crowd-pleaser that will leave you thirsty for more.   Pro tip: while there, be sure check out their amazing dove sculpture that’s a featured part of our Sullivan Catskills Dove Trail.

Rounding out our list of distilleries are Prohibition Distillery and Rock Valley Spirits. Home to Bootlegger 21 New York Vodka, Gin and Bourbon – the award-winning Prohibition Distillery offers tastings, tours, retail spirits and seasonal cocktails which can be enjoyed outdoors!   Rock Valley Spirits, which operates out of an 1890’s era barn-based distillery, offers a wholly unique Sullivan Catskills experience. They use traditional methods to produce satisfying single-batch Vodkas and Gin.

Whatever your beverage of choice this summer, you’ll find your happy hour calling on the Craft Beverage Trail.  Plan ahead and make this delicious trail experience an extended part of your next trip to the Sullivan Catskills region.  Cheers!

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