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Woodstock Monument Tour Bus Trips

Woodstock Monument Tour Bus Trips


Take a trip back to where it all happened. These buses are the ONLY way you’ll get to visit the monument commemorating Woodstock, as access to the surrounding property and roads will be restricted.

Parking & Access to the Buses

Parking and access to the buses are free, on a first-come, first-serve basis with no pre-registration required. Buses will run from Swan Lake and Monticello, lasting at least 20-30 minutes each way, with longer travel times anticipated during the afternoon. Schedules permitting, volunteer tour guides will join each bus to share interesting stories of the history of Woodstock, from the original festival right up to the present day! In order to give everyone a chance to make this pilgrimage, passengers will have a maximum of 30 minutes to spend at the monument site per trip. They will not be permitted to walk anywhere other than the designated monument area and must get back on the bus when told to do so. These rules will be strictly enforced.

Bus Location GPS Addresses

204 NY-17B, Monticello, NY (Raceway)
4296 State Route 55, Bethel, NY (Swan Lake)

For more information on the buses, please contact Lori Solomon, 845-747-4449, For more important information about your 50th Anniversary Weekend experience, click here.


How often do buses depart?
Every half-hour between 10am and 4pm, August 15-18, though traffic and/or weather may cause delays.

How long is the ride?
Approximately 20-30 minutes one way (1-1.5 hours round-trip), though traffic and/or weather may increase that time, so if you are on a tight schedule, we recommend choosing a morning departure, when traffic is lighter.

What is the cost?
It’s free! The service is provided by Bethel Woods, the Sullivan Catskills Visitors Association, and the County of Sullivan.

Can I bring food or drink with me on the bus?
Bottled drinks are permitted on the buses, food is not allowed. Please properly dispose of trash in marked containers.

Are pets allowed?
No, only service animals are permitted on the bus and Bethel Woods’ grounds.

Are the buses air-conditioned?

Are the buses handicapped-accessible?

If buses are delayed, can I wait in the parking lot?
Yes! Our greeters will let you know the approximate loading time of the next bus and will register you if you decide to wait.

How long are the parking lots open?
Gates will open at 9:30am and all cars must be off the grounds by 5pm. No overnight parking is allowed – vehicles will be towed.

What are the bracelets for?
You will be given a bracelet color-coded to the bus you will be riding. It is meant to ensure you get on the right bus at the parking lot and at the monument site. You are welcome to keep the bracelet after the ride is over (or dispose of it properly).

Will my bus have a tour guide on it?
Our intent is to have a volunteer tour guide available for every bus, but we cannot guarantee that, due to individual schedules, traffic delays and unforeseen circumstances.

Can I ride multiple times?
If there is room on the next departing bus, you are welcome to ride again.

How long can I remain at the monument site?
Each busload of passengers will be given up to 30 minutes to enjoy the monument property and the surrounding scenery. Everyone who disembarks a bus must reboard the same bus when it departs. Bethel Woods security will enforce this requirement.

Can I travel to the monument site in my own vehicle?
No, unless you already possess a valid ticket and travel pass for a Bethel Woods concert for that particular day. Bethel Woods’ grounds, including the monument site and the historic concert field, are closed to the general public for the duration of the weekend, and unauthorized access will be met by security and/or police.

Will I be able to walk on the field or visit Bethel Woods, including the Museum at Bethel Woods?
Not on this trip, due to the activities already planned at Bethel Woods. However, you are welcome and encouraged to return another week or weekend to explore more of Bethel Woods. Further info is available at If you are seeking other activities to enjoy in the area that weekend, please visit our Facebook Page for the latest up to date info.

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