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Sleep Tourism: 11 Hotels to Help You Sleep Better


Nestled on 1,300 serene acres in the Sullivan Catskills, this lakeview, health-focused hideaway (its name means youthful in Sanskrit) starts working its antidotal magic the instant you walk through the door. But it’s the focus on in-depth programs to treat disorders like anxiety, infertility, and insomnia that take the harmonic healing up a notch. Offered year round, the resort’s four-day Insomnia Management Retreat focuses on eastern remedies and treatments to cure sleep issues. The program starts with a wellness consultation and includes daily acupuncture, dosha-balancing Ayurvedic techniques, aromatherapy, shiro-pada abhyanga (translation: head massage) meditation, cleansing, and fatigue-reducing yoga styles like trataka or nidra.

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