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Five Ways to Celebrate Memorial Day at Home This Year

Five Ways to Celebrate Memorial Day at Home This Year

It’s no secret that this Memorial Day is going to look different than years’ past. That being said, it doesn’t need to be any less fun while celebrating at home. We wanted to share a handful of activities for both kids and adults to do at home so that the entire family is sure to have a fun-filled day.

1. Craft

Craft like no one’s watching.

A simple way to incorporate crafting and colors and patterns all into one? Take your red, white, and blue papers, grab your tape and scissors and get busy to create some paper streamers.

Have a handful of extra paper plates to use? Why not make a simple patriotic plate wind catcher? You’d be surprised how festive and whimsical these turn out.

Extra popsicle sticks are perfect for crafting this United States flag. Grab your red white and blue paint and get ready to stick.

However, if you’ve run out of popsicle sticks but have an extra egg carton on hand, another great flag idea to create with paint fun is this U.S. flag. We love the 3D look and texture it gives.

Before you put that paint away, peek in your pantry to see if you have any handy mason jars. These red, white and blue mason jars can be used for decoration or purpose (stay tuned below…)

2. Decorate

To feel festive, you need things to look festive. Rest assured, you don’t need to go out and spend an arm and a leg or even break the bank by over-ordering decorations online. You’d be surprised what you can create on your own, and no, you do not need to be a Picasso or engineer to do so.

Clothespins never looked so good as they do painted on this patriotic wreath. This is a must-try.

Take those painted mason jars we had you craft above and now use them for your flowers or silverware holders to have the perfect red, white and blue centerpieces.

Another table, countertop or picnic table addition, especially after the sun goes down are these red, white, and blue candle holders.

Whether indoors or for outside, this star garland seems to add the perfect touch to make a colorful statement.

3. Workout

Move your body because you’ll be thankful you did! Who needs a gym when you can create your own training right at home?

50 seems to be the trend here, but can you keep up with this stars and stripes workout?

If you’re looking for a lower number but can do more reps, then this Memorial Day circuit workout may be right up your alley.

50 reps for all 50 stars done in 10’s can be found in this Memorial Day flag workout that seems like a quick winner for all.

And those who are ready to venture out for a hike or walk, these bodyweight workouts for hikers guide is perfect for you.

4. Eat

What do they say? Eat, drink, and be merry? Memorial Day is no exception when it comes to food and drinks. After you have worked up an appetite from breaking a sweat and working your body, feel no guilt with indulging in some of the holiday’s most fun, colorful foods.

Who doesn’t think of the hot dogs and hamburgers for Memorial Day? This hot dog and burger bar set up is perfect to build your very own.

Blueberries, strawberries, marshmallows and brownies, oh my! Red, white and blue on a kabob never looked so good.

No-bake for your vegetarian friends and family members? No problem. This no bake summer berry delight is quick and easy most importantly, satisfying.

Not to worry if you’re looking for a creative idea to mix up any red, white and blue drinks as they are abundant. Whether it’s Independence Punch, smoothies, jello shots, milkshakes, sodas, lemonade or a kid-friendly punch, you’ll find a list of photos and recipes here that are sure to please.

5. Games

Keep the day and evening fun and light by breaking it up with games! No matter what age you are, you’d be surprised at what you can use from around your home to create some low key yet competitive excitement all around.

Simple and sweet, this patriotic scavenger hunt is a way to keep you busy and on the lookout.

A barbeque favorite, this bean bag toss is great and easy to recreate on your own, even if you have to veer from your red, white and blue colors.

Sweet Land of Liberty ball toss is a perfect way to reuse some of those fruit and veggie cans while simply grabbing a few balls from the garage.

After indulging in drinks with your dinner, gather those empty bottles for the red, white and blue bottle toss and see if you’re still keen enough to have good aim

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