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Ramp Season in the Sullivan Catskills

Ramp Season in the Sullivan Catskills

It’s ramp season here in the Sullivan Catskills and we have plenty of delicious ways for you to experience one of our much-anticipated Spring delicacies.

Pack your bags and head to The Arnold House for their annual Ramp Picking Weekend, April 21-23. Enjoy a foraging field trip to nearby wild ramp fields and learn how to make ramp pasta and pickled ramps. Then, feast on a special ramp dinner for 2.

The Callicoon Farmers’ Market’s outdoor season kicks-off on Sunday, May 1 where you’ll find ramps and ramp infused foods for sale throughout the month. As always, availability depends on harvesting conditions and weather. Follow them on Facebook for more info.

On Saturday, May 6, head to the Roscoe Beer Company for their Wild Ramp Fest featuring several local farmers and vendors selling ramps and other local products. Enjoy live music, craft beer, and educational presentations on finding, harvesting and enjoying wild ramps. Be sure to check out some of our local chefs that day showcasing their amazing wild ramp dishes. This is a family-friendly event you won’t want to miss!

5 Ramp Recipes You Need to Try

Spring Potato Salad with Ramps and Radishes
by Relishing It
A great side to grilled meat, perfect with your morning eggs.


Ramp & Mushroom Quiche
by Two of a Kind
The perfect dish for entertaining and pot-lucks.


Ramp Butter
by Nerds with Knives
Relish the flavor of the season and tuck some into the freezer.


Wild Ramp Hummus
by Gourmandelle
Perfect for snacking and sharing with friends.


Ramp Salt
by Glutton for Life
Another great way to savor the season long after it’s gone…

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